Food industry in Mexico

The food and beverage industry represented 3,5 % of the GDP in 2017 with 18.2 billion of Mexican pesos, according to deseasonalized figures published by the Institute of National Statistics and Geography.

The Institute reported that the industry invoiced 648,899 millions of pesos in 2017, the second highest after the last trimester of 2016 when it reported an income of 656,259 million of pesos.

5 Main countries investing in the Food & Beverage industry in Mexico
✔︎ The Netherlands
✔︎ United States
✔︎ Switzerland
✔︎ Japan

Main exported products
✔︎ Sugar
✔︎ Bread
✔︎ Chocolate
✔︎ Confectionery without cocoa
✔︎ Coffee

Economic units in the food industry in 2017:
180,013 units located mainly in the following states

✔︎ State of Mexico
✔︎ Puebla
✔︎ Oaxaca
✔︎ Mexico city
✔︎ Veracruz

food industry
beverage industry

Beverage industry in Mexico

✔︎ Mexico is the largest consumer of bottled water in Latin America. The average consumption per home is 1,530 litters a year.

✔︎ Mexico is the largest consumer of carbonated drinks in the world. The average consumption per capita is 163 liters a year.

✔︎ In the last decade, juices have been the non-alcoholic beverage with the largest annual growth in production (6,3%), followed by bottled water (4,3%).

✔︎ The production of carbonated beverages is the most important economic activity in the Mexican soft drink industry, since it represents 1.1% of the GDP national 7 and has the largest infrastructure network: 131 bottling plants and 415 distribution centers.

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